Artificial intelligence and the future of personalised decision engines

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Written by Mike Dovey
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Towards the end of last year, IAG Firemark Ventures had the pleasure of hosting a masterclass event at Stone & Chalk on “Artificial intelligence and the future of personalised decision engines”.

AI is one of the most hyped technology themes of recent years and by now most of us are broadly aware of the profound impact advancements in AI are likely to have on how we work and live in society.

What is less understood however is how AI is being embedded within the algorithmic decision engines that determine what we see, hear, buy and potentially even think throughout our daily lives.

This has an even more profound impact when this is tuned into an AI ‘person’ that builds a relationship with a human – an anthropomorphic AI that feels and acts like someone who cares about you. This is the most persuasive combination of technology in history. It is still frontier territory, likely to be ‘winner takes all’, and is why so many technology giants and world governments are declaring themselves AI first.

You can watch the full recording of the event below:

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