Cybersecurity Masterclass… an insight into UpGuard and the future of cyber!

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Written by Mike Dovey
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IAG made a strategic investment into UpGuard, a cyber resilience company out of Silicon Valley, in 2016.

UpGuard provides products and services to help companies stand up securely configured systems and guard against outages and breaches.

In August this year, Chris Vickery (Director of Cyber Risk Research at UpGuard) gave an insightful keynote presentation, at both Melbourne and Sydney Stone & Chalk locations about the future of cybersecurity.

Current cybersecurity practices have not solved the root cause of the data breach epidemic, and it seems there is no clear fix on the horizon. Every week a new headline is appearing whereby yet another company is publicly exposed through a damaging data breach.

As technology and time march on, its clear that our future expectations of privacy will change as software and profits continue to clash with traditional privacy norms.

In this expert masterclass, Chris, commonly known as “The Cyber Breach Hunter” discussed:

Watch the event highlight video below! 

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