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The ELEVACAO Investor Ready Workshop for Women Tech Founders was hosted by IAG Firemark Ventures, in September.

The focus of the day was to provide information to women in start-ups about the capital raise process and how to prepare themselves and their business before pitching to investors for funding.

Currently only 2% of venture funding goes towards start-ups run by women. This is something  that ELEVACAO wants to change.

The workshop showcased:

Several experts helped share their words of wisdom on the day, facilitated by Melissa Warren, CEO and Founder of ELEVACAO.

The experts were: Andy Tsao (MD, Silicon Valley Bank), Manuri Gunawardena (CEO & Founder, HealthMatch), Julie Wells (MD, Founders for Founders), Dr Katja Beitat (CEO & Founder, Clinivid), Steven Walker (CEO, Gen2Law), Charlie Wood (General Partner, IAG Firemark Ventures) and Mike Dovey (Investment Director, IAG Firemark Ventures).

Accompanying expert speakers was special guest, Julie Batch (Chief Customer Officer, IAG). Julie spoke of her journey as a female tech leader, to achieve success in the role she currently holds.

Julie shared five valuable pieces of advice:

Key advice for women in start-ups from the Investor Ready Workshop:

Thank you to all in attendance and to our experts for sharing their knowledge in the tech start-up and investor environment to empower and educate women in the field.

Thoughts of the day

Marisa made the comment to follow up emails within three days if you don’t hear back. I’d always thought if someone didn’t write back then they simply weren’t interested and to leave it at that. On the back of this advice I followed up two key strategic opportunities. Both responded within 12 hours, apologising for the delay and organising a time to meet. The workshop fuelled more fire in my belly to follow up and follow through and don’t presume people aren’t interested!
Tess van der Rijt | CEO and Founder | Private Patient Connect


I really enjoyed the interactive discussion from entrepreneurs and experts alike. The session was an engaging opportunity to learn the financial and legal framework through which to scale and fund our company.
Amanda Siqueira | Founder & Business Development | VAPAR


The Elevaco Day hosted by Firemark Ventures was a day filled with incredible learning and development. The technical knowledge gained to be ‘investor ready’ was invaluable. I now feel more confident as a result of the program and know the conversations with potential investors will be productive, efficient and mutually beneficial.
Jane Bianchini | Founder & CEO | Alcami Interactive – Digital Video Interviewing


I found the Women’s Investor Ready Workshop timely for where I am right now. I am going to pitch for investment in the near future and the days workshop imparted a wealth of knowledge to support me in feeling more confident and empowered in what and how to present. I am sure the workshop has fast tracked my journey to doing a more concise and relevant pitch. In addition to this I met an extremely supportive group of people who I am very grateful to now have as part on my network. Elevacao is all about women supporting women in their business success.
Deborah Fairfull | Founder and CEO


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