Investment to make your world a safer place

We offer more than just money. With access to IAG’s people, expertise, investment, and influence we accelerate our partner’s growth and help them solve complex technological problems.


Insurance is a challenging space to navigate for innovative startups, but with our experience in all things insurance, financial regulation, and investment management, we can help you navigate it.


We invest in new ventures, directing funds towards experimental approaches to improve your business model, and demonstrate its product-market fit.

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Our brands are some of the most trusted companies in the world, with millions of customers, market leading brands, and a strong presence in Australia, NZ, and Asia. We leverage this trust and scale for our partners, giving them access to huge market potential.


What we look for

When looking to invest or partner with ventures these are the key attributes we look for

Private: Led by great people

You are driven by people who are proven founders with a track record of experience

Partnership mindset

You have a collaborative mindset and want a great relationship where we work together

Innovative solution

Your solution is innovative and you are able to demonstrate some business success and traction (series A and above funding)

Growth potential

There is potential to accelerate your growth through access to IAG’s people, expertise, investment or influence

Help IAG strategically

Whether you are directly insurance related, or through other ways can help us change the way we view insurance

Our interests

We are interested in working with any business that can disrupt insurance or fundamentally change the way IAG operates as a business. There are three key areas we are interested in:

Innovative ways to better understand our customers

New methods of generating value

Technology Innovation Area of Interests


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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

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